One-Stop Tourist Information Desk

On the first floor, the center provides tourism information in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

One-Stop Tourist Information Desk -

Tourists may get assistance with reservations, purchase travel passes for transit, or make use of the many facilities provided such as the coin-lockers, all of which can help reduce the hassle associated with traveling.

Make your visit to Gangnam hassle-free and get special K-Wave experiences with many services offered from the center.

  • Conveniently located in central Gangnam
  • English, Chinese, and Japanese interpretation services and related facilities
  • Operating Hours : 10AM ~ 7PM (Open everyday)

Tourist Information Desk

Information about Seoul and Gangnam's most popular tourist attractions, food, transportations, accommodation, and events in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Service Desk

Reservations, coin lockers.

The center offers reliable and trustworthy information to all international visitors, interpretation services, as well as consultations on medical tourism. 


  • The K-Wave experience zone consists of singing events, K-beauty class, virtual experiences, and more.

    K-Pop enthusiasts can experience the thrill of K-wave in person.