course1. Hallyu star avenue, Entertainment

'K-Star Road' can be milestones for entertainment companies producing K-stars, and favorite shops of K-stars are installed for your start of Gangnam travel.

course1.  Hallyu star avenue, Entertainment - .
  • GangnamDol Baekho - .

    GangnamDol Baekho

  • GangnamDol Girlgeneration - .

    GangnamDol Girlgeneration

  • GangnamDol HAUS - .

    GangnamDol HAUS

  • K-Star Road - .

    K-Star Road

  • FNC entertainment - .

    FNC entertainment

Introduce Tourist attractions

‘K-Star ROAD’ is an actual road with all charms of K-Star Road winning the fame as the representative attraction of Gangnam-gu and K-star, from Apgujeong Rodeo Station toward Chengdam intersection.

In the road, a large art toy ‘Gangnamdol’ is installed which characterizes K-pop star so that visitors would feel joy of meeting K-star indirectly.

Tourist attractions

GangnamDol HAUS, Hallyu Star Avenue, Galleria Department, Figure Museum, Entertainments, etc.

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