GangnamDol Art Toy, Magnet, Water Bottle

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We have 3 kinds of products ; Art Toy, Magnet and Water bottle.

GangnamDol Art Toy, Magnet, Water Bottle - .



Gangnamdol figure

GangnamDol Art Toy(KRW29,800)

Size of Magnet : 5.9 cm(w)*4.5 cm(h)*8cm(d)
GangnamDol Art Toy is a handy size figure, they are miniature version of GangnamDol Statues standing on the K-Star Road, and each of them has unique design and color. A total of 9 GangnamDol Art Toys are on sale and little sunglasses are included only for Main GangnamDol(white tiger).


-List of Art Toy Products-

01. Main GangnamDol
02. 4 Minute
03. Super Junior
04. 2PM
05. FTIsland(Sold-out: Art toy, Magnet)
06. Shinee (Sold-out: Magnet)
07. Miss A
08. CNBlue(Sold-out: Art toy, Magnet)
09. TVXQ(Magnet is sold-out)
10. EXO

11. Girl's generation




GangnamDol Magnet(KRW11,900)

Size of Magnet : 4.4 cm(w)*5.7 cm(h)*0.5cm(d)
Back side of Magnet has its own design, which makes it even more special. We have a total of 8 kinds of magnet and they are all limited edition.



GangnamDol Watter Bottle (KRW8,900)


Material: Tritan

Volume: 500mL

Main GangnamDol Only (Pink/Blue)



 Krunk Art toy x Bigbang (KRW30,000)

-List of Krunk Art Toy Products-

01. Bigbang X Krunk (Daesung,Taeyang,Top)
02. Space Man
03. Skateboard



Krunk Stacking toy (KRW 8,000)




Krunk Sticker (KRW 4,000)





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