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Official Retailer of GangnamDol - .

GangnamDol Haus(Temporarily Closed)

Operation hour:10:00~19:00 (Lunch break 13:00~14:00)
Location: Apgujeong Rodeo station(Bundang Line) exit No.7
Tel: +82-10-4311-9935

Gangnamdol haus

-Smart screen Kiosk installed in Gangnamdol House guides you K-Star ROAD map and also guides you the specific location and distance of Gangnamdol if you selects your favorite star. You can check location of story shops.

-Gangnamdol is famous not only because of celebrities it represents, but also because of pretty design. In Gangnamdol House, you can purchase miniature figures and magnets of Gangnamdol.

-If you select Gangnamdol at Kiosk screen and press K-Star gallery, Gangnamdol roulette appears. Turn the roulette and select your favorite. Then you can watch photos and videos of the star.


Gangnam Tourist Information Center MD Shop(Temporarily Closed)

Operation hour:10:00~19:00
Location:Apgujeong Station(Line no.3) exit No.6 Gangnam Tourist Information Center

gangnamdol haus center mdshop

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